The unexpected shortcomings of the iPhone 8

Both versions of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have quite a few new enhancements, such as more powerful processors and better cameras. However, it is not that they do not have certain defects.

Two versions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also revealed some flaws. Of course, it will not be pleasant, and these may lead to the decision not to buy this version and wait for iPhone X.


The call occasionally fails

Many users of the iPhone 8 will have sometimes or always hear unusual sounds when making calls. This is not a big mistake, but it has never happened before, and this has caused many consumers to question why a tech-savvy vendor such as Apple can leave the bug on their latest version? Anyway, being out of the hardware may be the consolation in which the brand can fix it in the upcoming products.

The rear glass is thin

If you are not a kind of person who does not like to use the phone case or similar support products, you may need to change your mind when using the iPhone 8. The glass design to support the wireless charging become an obsession for users. Especially, the glass on the iPhone 8 is not as stable as the advertisement since just one drop at the height of over 1 meter could have cracked almost entirely. And the sad thing is that the cost of replacing is not pleasant at all.

Low capacity battery

Apple has reduced the battery capacity of the iPhone 8 to 1,821 mAh in comparison with the 1960 version. The difference in the battery capacity is not worth much, but it also leads to the dissatisfaction. As everyone knows, a better chip and camera always need a higher capacity battery. Of course, the Plus version is not the same, but it is bad enough to obstruct popularity of a new product at the launch.

Psychology of waiting for the iPhone X?

Many customers think that the iPhone 8 is just an upgrade. Instead, the thing they are expecting for is the breakthrough and all expectations on the iPhone X. The price $999 along with attractive additions regardless of the compelling advertisement, the attraction of iPhone 8 comes along with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone brand.

However, is the iPhone 8 a good smartphone? Definitely, it is. In fact, we cannot deny its outstanding points. Bothe the hardware and the configuration is all-in-one upgraded compared to the 7. The 8 version is a comprehensive one in terms of display, performance, and software.

The problem with iPhone 8 is that the design is too boring, and some minor changes in design are not enough to create novelty. Improvements in the quality are more difficult to grasp than the look and design. Considering the Apple’s traditional name, the iPhone 8 is more like an iPhone 7s instead of a new generation. In fact, the number of users choosing the iPhone 8/8 Plus is not much, partly because of waiting for the iPhone X and surely the iPhone 7 Plus is a cheaper option.

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