The software development consulting for newbies

Many software developers who started in the industry over 10 years ago. But in recent years, they have really begun to see a remarkable development in the programming career. Followings are some things of the software development consulting that they likely wish to know at very first steps. Maybe, they will help you to succeed sooner.


There is no right method

Most of them spent a great deal of time, both in studying and debating at the beginning. However, they just made the mistake of believing that there was a completely right method in many aspects of the software development. But the reality is that the exact like that does not exist at all. Almost every decision in coding and the software development is based primarily on present circumstances.

We need to admit that there is no best practice in the universe. Even in highly controversial topics like should or should not to use the Unit Test, the agile method or the waterfall in the software development. No right answer is available in these cases.

Reading a book entirely is not the best way to learn

In the past, when I wanted to improve my knowledge of programming and other technologies, I spent a lot of time reading technical books on a particular technology without missing a page.

There is nothing wrong with reading a book. But it is important to choose which book to read and which part of the book to learn. For example, I remember reading a very thick book about Visual C ++ programming. The book is a good one and contains lots of information. However, reading from the beginning to the end is not useful for learning about Visual C ++.

I learned and memorized a lot through chapters to master the content. Then it is time to list out the known parts of Visual C ++ and the most important parts to learn first.

I have also got a lot of success by sitting down and actually practicing from the most basic steps by building a practical application, rather than just reading and gliding through the examples mentioned in the books. You will not really learn the technology until you solve the real problems along with it.

Focusing a lot on a particular technology will only waste time

It is my mistake to not only to waste a lot of time reading all the book but also choose the wrong one to enjoy. To be honest, I think in the wrong way that learning a particular technology in depth would be the best strategy to develop the career.

In the past, a ton of time which I spent reading books about a specific technology such as ASP.NET or Hibernate, rather than trying “Code Complete,” “Clean Code,” and “Agile Principles as well as Patterns and Practices in C # “.

There are so many technologies that I paid lots of attention to. However, finally, I realized they all were hard for me. Most research into a definitive technology is a waste of time. In general, before you make a decision to choose such aspect, always remember to have advice of the experienced software development consulting people to avoid as many mistakes as possible. Good luck.

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