Reasons for not to use the free web hosting Google

The idea of having a free website is fascinating. On the Internet, there are a lot of companies offering the free website hosting in recent years. Perhaps you are wondering what the pitfalls are? Followings are the reasons why trying the free web hosting Google is a bad idea and something you should avoid at any cost.

The site shows an extremely low loading speed

Most of the free website hosting providers place hundreds of websites sharing the same server. The usage causes all websites to load at a very low speed. Consequently, the slow web pages create bad user experiences and are not good for SEO for sure. The operating mechanism of these free hosting websites is similar to the shared hosting.



The web address is not professional

Visitors to your website and potential customers will find it quite difficult to take your site seriously when you do not even have a suitable domain name. And when you ask these companies for a custom domain name, you usually have to pay about $19 to $25 for a domain which actually, it just costs $10.

Testing service is not really free

Many of the free web services frequently switch to the limited test mode. After a while, you will be asked to pay for it. In most cases, this price is usually higher than the standard hosting services. If you give them credit card information during the registration process, they can charge you without sending you any alerts.

The hidden costs are for free website

Like any other businesses, the companies offering the free website also need to make money. Some of them charge their users for additional services such as image hosting, email accounts, FTP access, website conversion and many more. These fees are usually blatant.

They can lock your data

Many users who have started with a free website and then want to transfer to a paid one, finds that it is impossible to transfer their website data. These service providers do not offer any tools to easily move the website. Users will have to make the payment for freelancers to export the data manually which can increase the costs.

Unrelated ads are on your site

Most of the free web services are supported by ads. You create content and build the site. Nonetheless, they are paid for advertising. Often the ads will mess up, penetrate, and look very ugly. The worst part is, sometimes your wise competitor will pay for these web hosting companies to advertise on your site. It is not much different from an act of sabotage.

They can close your site

The terms and conditions of these services indicate that they may put off your site anytime without giving you any reason at all. If they shut down a website, they usually do not send the data back or provide you with a way to save your content.

Bandwidth is under a limitation

The bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from the server to the user’s browser. It requires a payment. Such requirement is the reason why most of the free sites come with a very limited bandwidth.

However, recently, the free web hosting Google is likely unavailable. Don’t forget to take a serious consideration choose the most practical strategy for your web’s smooth operation as well as growth.

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