Pro Mode on Galaxy Note 8 – a secret to take beautiful photos

Considered to be one of the best camera phones these days, the Galaxy Note 8 can help you create beautiful pictures with just a few simple touches. However, with the Auto mode, you just take half advantage of the power of the phone. So how can you get the full function and control of the Note 8 camera completely? The answer is to use the Pro Mode.


What is the Pro Mode feature and why do you need it?

To activate, at the main camera view, you need to swipe from left to right to select the shooting features, including professional shooting (Pro Mode).

The interesting in these parameters is that you can adjust each item to the Auto, for example, from the ISO to the Auto and then control the shutter speed (or vice versa), the rest is the task for Note 8.

Assume that the photo frame in the phone now is estimated at ISO 1250 and the shutter speed of 1/25s. However, you think the 1/15s is enough. Then you can set this level so that the phone automatically lowers the ISO level.

A trick to avoid shaking when shooting at the low shutter speeds is to hold your breath. Before taking the picture, let’s stand firm or find the fulcrum for your phone, then hold your breath and press the button. Surely, you do not need to worry too much, because thanks to a wide-angle camera, the case of shaking will decrease at the telephoto focus. Moreover, with the OIS optical anti-shake feature on the Galaxy Note 8, you will also be more comfortable with this low shutter speed.

However, the thing which makes the Pro Mode the best one is the ability to capture images in the RAW format. To enable this function, you must go to Settings> Camera> Picture size>Save RAW and JPEG files.

Why is the RAW in need?

In general, the biggest benefit of the RAW lies in the uncompressed image, full information of color and light. Hence, users can post-process better in comparison with the JPEG.

In terms of weight, the RAW usually has a capacity of about 20 megabytes while the JPEG is only about 7-8 megabytes. The RAW images can also support you in the restoration of details in areas that are too dark or too light that the JPEG images cannot. So, if you intend to post-process after the shoot, the RAW format is something you should try.

If you are too lazy to edit your photos on the computer, right on the phone, you can make it on applications such as Snapseed and Photoshop Express. The things you need to do then is to show your creative and take some time to post-process your photos.

Overall, the Pro Mode is the ultimate shooting one. It not only gives you more control over the photography but also help to shoot great RAW images. So why don’t you try it? Wish you would have more beautiful photos with your Galaxy Note 8.

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