What is the private cloud and why should businesses use it?

The private cloud or virtual private server is considered as a solution for all computing problems. It promises to give businesses help in solving cost, deploying and system controlling troubles.

What is the cloud technology?

NIST standing for the National Institute of Standards and Technology defines the cloud computing as a utility network model. It shows the function of accessing the sharing computing resources. Besides, this tech innovation delivers the data at high speed without requiring many steps or intervention of the service provider.

How many features of the cloud tech are there?

  • On-demand self-service: It is possible for customers to manage their own services without the support of an IT department or hosting provider.
  • Broad network access: The cloud services need to be accessible through normal network technologies.
  • Resource pooling: Services operating in a datacenter use the sharing system with many different clients.
  • Rapid elasticity or expansion: The function of the cloud services can be scalable if needed.
  • Measured service: The optimization of the cloud services is in need of customer usage with the regular reported.

Four deployment models for the cloud

  • Private cloud is practical for every single customer. A private cloud system can be located in the datacenter of the customer or the service provider. Besides, it does not matter who will manage the system since the customer, supplier or a third party are all fine. However, the customer must bear the full cost of the solution all the time.
  • Public cloud is available for everyone regardless individuals or businesses. Among the mass, here is quite popular and easy-to-use solution.
  • A community cloud is a creation served for many organizations or users with the same purposes. Like its name, the community cloud is under the control of the organization or a third party.
  • Hybrid cloud is a combination of the three cloud models mentioned above. For example, in the Microsoft Office 365, there may be multiple mailboxes stored in the Microsoft datacenter system. But, it is also associated with the Exchange Server and private mailboxes to create a hybrid messaging system.

Elements deciding the success of the private cloud

Service management with a function of managing services as well as automation is an important feature in the cloud. In every step, each action must be consistent, repetitive, and documented to keep the platform unified. The consistence of all servers will empower you to produce results as expectation. Without a proper service management solution, the cloud service will not be able to complete.

Applications are relating to the consequence whether the quality of applications can build or break the private cloud. They must be managed by the cloud provider’s portal as feasible as possible. Also, when the application needs more resources, the system must be scaled up.

The organization is always in need of a preparation for the cloud technology. With this, the businesses will shift their focus from an original technology to the business-oriented solutions.

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