How many benefits can users get from the virtual private cloud providers?

Since 2007, the cloud computing has made a breakthrough in hosting services. Aside from server or hosting, the virtual private cloud providers are offering a preferred form of storage for customers with a big demand for the up-to-date tech.


The cloud VPS stands for the Cloud Virtual Private Server. Its very own name has clearly shown us what the Cloud VPS is. It is a virtual server built on a computerized platform. The cloud VPS is also full of components including RAM, CPU and hard drive. Besides, to run the Cloud VPS, the needs are the internet, bandwidth, transmission, and IP address.

Differences between VPS and Cloud VPS

The most obvious distinction lies in the word “cloud”. The cloud is a brief writing of the cloud computing. The VPS is an old concept, created by dividing a server into several VPS for the user. These VPSs use fixed and limited resources of the main server. For example, the VPS A takes a lot; then the VPS B must reduce the amount to ensure sufficient resources for all VPS splits from the parent one. Therefore, the capacity of the VPS is not high, frequent congestion due to resource shortages and the limited VPS upgrade.

With the cloud VPS, the weaknesses of the VPS are resolved. A cloud VPS account is now created from a virtual cloud platform entirely. This platform is made up of a host of parent servers combined with storage, networking devices, switches, and so forth. With the VPS, a parent server performs all tasks and storage while the cloud VPS are performed by dedicated devices that create a complete, secure and stable system.

Advantages of the VPS cloud


Thanks to being separated from a huge cloud base, the Cloud VPS is always in a “full” state of resources. And there is no congestion at all, then ensure that the VPS always works well.

The speed ​​VPS is a factor that all VPS users are interested in, especially those taking the VPS to run games, websites, and software. The virtual private cloud providers make sure the high speed through the broadband connection. Some VPS providers also offer packets of bandwidth. The number of bandwidth customers use will decide how much they must charge.

Ability to prevent major problems

More and more major attacks have prevented users from keeping away the fault probability, and ensuring the safety. And one of the measures which the most employers adopt is to maximize the size of the system with the huge amount of resources. Such method will surely make it hard for hackers to crash the solid system.

Upgrade VPS easily

The massive resources are created by a host of the main servers. Hence, the cloud system is always overflowing with resources, ensuring that upgrades are easy and fast as well. Whenever a RAM, CPU, IOPS or hard drive show the updating request, the technicians can respond immediately to a few simple operations.

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