A list of 5 cloud storage providers

Basing on survey results along with a list of cloud storage providers from the Gartner, there is approximately 19% of corporations are taking advantages of the cloud. They use this IT development to compute the production at best. According to statistics, 20% of them apply services of cloud storage.

The figures point out that a large number of users pay a lot of attention to the cloud, especially the storing service. It is the reason why the Gartner made a prediction in which the amount of money spent on the cloud could be $109 billion.



It is true that the cloud is such a giant section of society that dozens of people are focusing on making plans with the cloud these days. Hence, do you think that they are potential customers? With the purpose of understanding deeply about the cloud storage before picking ones, let’s take a look at a list of 5 top cloud storage providers.

Amazon Web Services

As for the market of the cloud computing, Amazon Web Services is a name which users regard as one of the leading providers. Being a very first member of the game, the Amazon Web Service began its journey and has got a lot of attention from many IT persons. Moreover, another appreciated point is that the price which such provider offers is always the reference for the cloud searcher.

Over the years, the Amazon Web Services keeps developing its products. For example, it is the Simple Storage Service or S3 that you can apply for the basic purpose. The second instance is the Elastic Block Storage for any level of storage. Does not stop there, the Amazon Web Services continues the chain by Glacier. Here is the one which is not only cheap but also a long-term-using service. Additionally, the Redshift is a must-mention product of the Amazon Web Services. It is for warehousing the data which is cloud-based.

Besides the success of products, the Amazon Web Services still has to face to a lot of challenges. In fact, they prepared a tool with the purpose of link data to the cloud system. You can call it the Amazon Web Services Gateway. In spite of that fact, their creation of an architecture for the hybrid storage is now still in progress. In the future when such tool is available, it can span not only the service of data storing but also the Amazon Web Services cloud.


AT&T’s provider is the one showing the same level with the EMC since people often take advantage of the AT&T for the on-premise storing purpose. Such position has made the provider a chance to offer services for an optimal customer group of EMC.

According to Gartner, the AT&T pays a lot of attention on the group of small and medium-sized businesses. In spite of that fact, the AT&T still focuses on developing the double-digit service which enables customers to store tons of data in the cloud system.

Moreover, the AT&T is planning to span their working scope to many regions all over the world. As some information vibes, their next destination may be Europe. Hence, it is possible for global users to enjoy perfect cloud storage thanks to AT&T in any location.


In May of 2012, the HP launched its platform of the cloud storage to the public. The debut shows users that it will work well on both compute as well as CDN which stands for content delivery network. Moreover, this platform is a potential partner of the Akamai.

Basing on the OpenStack technology, the cloud storage of the HP brings customers a 24/7 support along with 100% guarantees. In comparison with other providers in the OpenStack system, the HP is considered as one of the well-performed names. It is because that they can understand through requirements of the information technology firms. Technically, they provide hardware, software as well services of the cloud storage.

However, the fact of the HP Cloud Object Storage new launch requires the HP to do the best to refine not only the IT architectural but also geographical offerings. There are three zones which are always available for the HP system to automatically replicate data. And users can also pick services from the Amazon Web Services to enjoy such feature. Moreover, the provider commits that their services are available for both public and hybrid cloud storage setups.

IBM cloud

As a member of the SmartCloud Corporation, the IBM provides the service of the cloud storage in application for both development and infrastructure. However, their products will surely be more perfect if they show amore integration of aspects from the IBM.


For instance, in fact, the IBM offers the cloud system for the purpose of backup or even recovery the data. However, it is not the IBM SmartCloud Object Storage which links to their services. The reason explains for this thing maybe that the Nirvanix is a partner of the IBM and this one is also known as one of the cloud storage providers. The connection I mentioned can affect negatively the services of the IBM system in general.

However, the IBM has promised with their customers that the integration will be tightened in the future. And the majority of users believe in their commitment since their long-term experience in IT aspect.


In the past, the Internap was known as a provider of services for management as well as collocation. But now, it turns to the aspect of the cloud.

One of the most common products of the Internap is AgileFiles. Such app is for the cloud storage system with a link to the OpenStack Swift storing platform. And at present, the AgileFiles is available in United States, Europe along with Asia. Do not stop there. This provider is planning for an expanding strategy.

The desire of making difference for the products, the Internap decides to add some advanced features on the storage. A typical example is MIRO which stands for Manager Internet Route Optimizer. It performs a task of analyzes available routes and then delivers contents.



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