iPhone 2G – the foundation of Apple’s 10-year of success

Admittedly, all things around the launch of the very first iPhone 2G in the past will make many of us astound.

The story began

It was about 2 years since Steve Job passed away, the New York Times reportedly gave a detailed information of what Apple planned and made the debut with the first iPhone on January 9, 2007.  A lot of people were strongly surprised by such article.

According to Andy Grignon who was the chief executive of iPhone Signaling Technology at that time, the night before the show was an unforgettable nightmare. Jobs suddenly changed the decision right one day before the event. He wanted to make a speech about the prototype iPhone although it was still in the testing and developing process with tons of errors. Some flaws to mention here might be weak network connectivity, signal-breaking, and unstable battery.


The details

In this period, only 100 iPhones were ready. However, most of them faced shortages regarding the screen as well as the frame. For the software, troubles were also unavoidable. The manufacturer kept experiencing problems. That fact led to an agreement that they would make sure the availability of some of the best iPhone for the replacement in time.

Moreover, after requesting and getting the acceptance from Jobs, the Apple staff programmed the iPhone screen. Then Jobs brought it to the show. It always showed 5 of the phone wave even when the real wave strength was at zero. Or Jobs would prepare a small portable radio along.

The story did not stop here. For the first version of iPhone, the RAM was only 128 MB. Besides, because of the first application, all functions were not at the optimization as it is recently. It is the reason why the iPhone always got the risk that the RAM overload and need to restart to free up the memory.

To deal with such weakness, Jobs prepared a little trick. He carried a few iPhones hidden around. Therefore, he would have alternative options in the emergency. Moreover, Jobs had to spend a lot of time practicing each performance. It was surprisingly that in front of millions of viewers, everything of Jobs’ address was on its true way without failures until the very last minute.

The facts which not many people know about

Only a few people know that since 2002, Steve Jobs had different ideas in the mobile industry. At that time, Nokia was still dominating the world with its feature phones. A breakthrough revolution was something that needed to be done; otherwise the industry would go boring. That is the first factor for the iPhone 2G launch in 2007.

Furthermore, no one can deny that the App Store is a major element contributing to the iPhone and iOS succeed. However, at the time to start developing the iPhone 2G, Steve Jobs did not think so. He even decided not to equip the phone with the App Store application. He said that the app might cause the iPhone to be infected by the virus, then affect the consistency of the iOS.

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