Data archiving services in the top list of 2017

Nowadays, both individual and business users keep reducing their dependence on physical devices. So, they chose the cloud computing instead. With a slew of cloud storage providers for data archiving on the internet, you will have to pick the right one for the right amount and quality. These requirements go towards a purpose of keeping your data in safety.




The Dropbox cloud hosting offers 2GB of free storage. However, it can be up to 16GB free by linking your Dropbox with the social media or referring friends to join the service. The service allows you to enjoy 1TB of storage space along with great support tools. There are also advanced file recovery features. Prices for businesses start at $12.50 and for individuals is $99 with 1TB of storage.

Google Drive

This is a Google’s hosting service with many utilities integrated into the Drive, such as the office tools and the media player. For free accounts, the limitation is 15GB for every service of Google, namely, Gmail, Google Docs and so forth.

There are no downsides to this application. Everything goes smoothly and offers the multi-platform support and the fast speed stability. Then, of course, the price is not low.


Users know about the Mega as a super secure storage service of the KIM dot Com. With this, a free 50GB permanent storage will always be available, and users do not encounter any obstacles. However, due to the high security, you may find it difficult in downloading the file.

Besides, The MegaSync tool is rated as the best in all sync tools. But, the fee is relatively high at €4.99 a month for 200GB.


The OneDrive (formerly the SkyDrive) from the Microsoft is the best hosting service. It is optimized for office users with the synchronization support and the integration into the set of applications named the Office 365.


The Microsoft Photo Application uses the OneDrive to sync images across all your devices. There is an app for the Android and iOS and even the App Store for Mac users.


If you want to back up your iPhone to the iCloud, you will need more than a free 5GB that Apple provides you. But in comparison with rivals, the iCloud offers a package with reasonable price.

The Mac Finder integrates with the iCloud Drive, where you can store any file you want. Documents created in the iWork’s Office are also saved to the iCloud and can sync on your devices. Windows users can sync their files to the iCloud Drive using the official app and access the iWork applications on the iCloud website as well. The first 5GB will be free. The price for the next 50GB and 200GB are $0.99 and $2.99 a month respectively.


The Box is supported by some mainstream applications such as the Google Docs and the Office 365 for data archiving online. The Box customers will have downloadable tools that support multiple platforms with the payment of $ 10 a month for every 100GB.

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