How have cloud storage changed our lives?

Thanks to the invention of cloud technology as well as the cloud storage, people have experienced a lot of changes in the way the work, manage and take advantage of information system.

Cloud technology is no longer strange term in the technology times. Thanks to its introduction, we have changed the way to work, cooperate with colleagues, manage and use the information system. In the cloud technology, we also found the useful and practical invention which is called cloud storage. This is one of the most important invention of the technology based on cloud infrastructure, which brings a lot of benefits to the users. This is the tremendous place that allows us to save and store ernomous amount of information.

Cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is fundamentally defined as data storage that is made available as a service that run on a network. You might find that the definition can be confusing because this term is quite broad and include various types of companies.

Cloud storage is still a pretty new to some users despite the fact that it is installed and applied in some large enterprises nowadays. Experts have already improved some best practices and found the best way to move to the cloud storage instead of using the traditional data storage before.

Cloud service will tell you the cost per gigabyte of cloud storage in order to help you figure out how much you need to pay per month and balance the cost. The payment will depend on the amount of data that you need to install to store the data. Therefore, be sure that you will choose the relevant pack and read the agreements about service level in the most careful way and beware of the extra possible costs. Besides the cost that you need to pay for data storage that you need to use, you might need to pay more for data transfers, meta data functions, or copying and deleting files.

The types of cloud storage

There are three main storage that based on cloud technology models. They are public, private and hybrid.

Firstly, public cloud storage. This service provide various tenants in the same storage environment that is most suited for the data that is unstructured. It can store the global data as the information center which allows the data to spread across a lot of regions or continents all over the world. To use this storage, customers generally pay on a per-use, which means that they do not need to pay in advance for the data storage that they do not need to use. The payment model is quite similar to the utility payment model.

Secondly, private cloud storage. This storage provide a dedicated environment to protect the data system in the organization. The private cloud storage will create the firewall to prevent the illegal intrusion and data loss. This kind of storage is appropriate for users who need to customize the information system and control more over their data.

Thirdly, the hybrid cloud. This kind of storage is the mix of private cloud and the third-party public cloud services. It is supposed to be the mix of those kinds of storage because of the charateristics and figures of platforms for management. It is clear that the model offers flexibility of business and diverse data deployment selections so the users will have more options while taking advantage of it. For example, the organization will store actively to combine the used and structured the data cloud and unstructured and archival data in a public cloud.

How have cloud storage changed our lives?

The biggest advantages of the cloud storage that have brought changes to our lives is that it provide the technical skills to handle storage without the support and participants of staff. Therefore, a lot of companies have found the relevant solutions to store and manage the information in their system.  Moreover, by using the cloud storage, many enterprises have solved the problems about cost balance and security system.

Cloud storage have brought a lot of changes for our lives.

How is the security system of cloud storage?

The security is the key factor of every service relating to the information technology. And there is no exception for cloud storage. There are a variety of the security issues that we need to keep in mind when mentioning about the backup of cloud.

The people who use cloud storage can feel safe and comfortable when using the storage that based on the cloud technology. Because once backup data is removed from the cloud system of the provider, it will be entirely put in the backup set. Therefore, in case there is any issue happening that causes the data loss, you no need to worry about the risk of losing all the important information. Besides, once the data is uploaded, it is also encrypted safely.

It is clear that we rarely worry about the security problems with data storage based on the cloud technology thanks to the safe and astringency system which is created and developed in the cloud technology infrastructure.

However, we also need to check and build the security system by making sure that you check your references of vendors, assessing the customer service and ensuring that the procedures entirely mesh with what your business needs.

Although cloud storage has become more and more popular in our lives and played an important part in the information system of a lot of enterprises, some storage administrators believe that this invention is asked for more effort to convince their values. Until the users no longer wonder about the questions such as Will my data be available when it is asked to be retrieved? Who is exactly control my data? When retrieving the data from the cloud, what is the performance like?, most users perharps buy and install this kind of storage without hesitation.



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