Which is cloud storage for you at best?

The heyday of USB is over to make the space for another modern solution so-called cloud storage.  However, what is cloud storage option which you can optimize your work?



OneDrive (also known as SkyDrive) from Microsoft is a storing service which is on both IOS for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and computer drives. But, users can make use of the Web-based One Drive by downloading a desktop application for Mac and earlier versions of Windows, or even the app with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others with the Xbox.

OneDrive’s loading feature on Android, iOS and Windows Phone allows us to take pictures on phones and upload them to the cloud automatically. The strongest of OneDrive may lie in its close connection with the Microsoft Office software such as Word and PowerPoint.


The Dropbox is one of the preferred cloud storage services because of its reliability, ease of installation and easy usage. Thanks to the online files, it does not matter when you want to get the files and how the access can be done. The need is the Dropbox website or desktop apps for the Mac, Windows, and Linux, or the app on the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire.

Such tech creation supports many types of the file by adding applications or uploading to the web. All the steps make you feel comfortable when moving files from the computer to the cloud and vice versa. Especially, there is no file size limit, but with larger files, it will take longer to upload to the cloud.

The fact is that the Dropbox has a pretty clear design which provides users with many opportunities to increase their initial storage. For example, after finishing registration, you get 250MB, or when turning on the auto upload feature, the space you can get is up to 3GB. Another way to get more storage is to invite your friends to use Dropbox; you will probably get a maximum of 16GB in total with 32 suggestions.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you everything you need with a complete set of office tools, including a word processor, spreadsheet application, and a 15GB free presentation.

You can use your Google account to access the Google Drive, and instantly you get 15GB of storage for any file you upload to the drive. However, the 15GB includes both the Gmail account size, the images you upload to Google+, and any documents you create on the Google Drive.

Google Drive has the advantage of a built-in office software. It empowers you to edit data, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can even create a document in another program. The service also has a large set of additional features, such as third-party applications where you entirely send faxes or sign documents.


Anyone can sign up for a free personal account on the BOX, but unlimited sharing services and privacy features are only designed for business and IT. In addition to the basic cloud storage settings, you can store any file. The Box allows you to share files, assign tasks, leave comments and receive notifications when a file change.

Moreover, previewing from the Box website and even creating the basic text data are belonging to the BOX’s benefits. As with other cloud storage services, you can download the desktop app and sync with the hard drive cloud.

Amazon Cloud Drive

If you have a ton of imagines, videos and many other sorts of the file, please feel free to enjoy the Amazon Cloud Drive. For the members of the Amazon Prime or those who use the Fire devices, unlimited storage of photo will be free members. However, in case that you do not have a Prime Subscription or a Phone, Fire tablet, the fee for hosting surely costs $12 per month.


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