The best mobile phones before the iPhone X launch

Recently, the Business Insider – the website which is well known for its world-class in many areas, has updated and released the list of best mobile phones today. Following the top list below, you will see the strong influence of two brands Apple and Samsung.

iPhone 8 Plus

Before the official launch of the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus was the leader in the list of the top phones of the Business Insider. The phone inherits all the outstanding features of the advanced generation named the iPhone 7 Plus. But it bears many improvements such as the design of the glass back and the powerful Bionic A11 chip.

iPhone 8

Real experiences show that the iPhone 8 is capable of capturing stunning images with amazing performance. This year, the Apple offers the version 8 the design of a glass-covered back. This one allows the wireless and fast charging feature which the iPhone lovers are waiting for years.

Google and Google Pixel

For the smartphone users in general, the Google Pixel seems to be a strange name in some places of the world. However, it still gets a strong position in the list of smartphone deep enthusiasts. This couple of phones from the Google is delighted to bring users with the smooth Android experience which you cannot find in other models. In addition, the Pixel/Pixel XL technology is also highly praised for its excellent ability to capture beautiful images.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

No need to argue too much about the superiority of the Galaxy Note 8. Such super-mobile from Samsung converges all elements to become outstanding. They are the excellent configuration, breakthrough design along with the stunning support towards users. With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has shown the world that it is the leader in the design of the mobile phone.

iPhone 7 Plus

Launched at the end of 2016, however, the iPhone 7 Plus is still appreciated by the Business Insider. In terms of the performance, the camera is strongly impressive thanks to the dual camera which provides users with the ability to take photos with the 2x optical zoom.

Galaxy S8 Plus

Earlier this year, Samsung brought the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus to the public and received positive reviews from industry experts as well as nice feedbacks from users. All the praises have come from its unique infinity display and thousands of other advantages such as the configuration and features. However, the Samsung S8 Plus is rated higher than the S8 for the ultimate visual experience, but still holds the compact form.

iPhone 7

There is no need to debate about the popularity of the iPhone 7. This Apple’s flagship phone from 2016 till now is the dream of many people by the strong brand and a stable range of price as well.

Galaxy S8

With Galaxy S8, you get into a treasure full of features including the water resistance, the 18:9 display with the movie playback as well as the fast charge mode. It can be said that this is one of the best choices right at the first look.

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