How to become a professional software developer

To become competent in any field, everyone spends at least 10,000 hours of training (about 10 years). And the path to become a software developer is not an exception. However, 10 years is a very long time, and with 10 years, it may have “changed” or lost. How important is it to maintain a motivation to work and study for such a long time?

Step 1: Picking a programming language, and learning the basics

Before we can run, we must learn to go ahead. You go by learning how to program in a certain programming language. Do not learn by trying to know about 50 million things at the same time, because you are not a superman.

There are many programmers start by jumping on everything once. Consequently, they are not patient enough to obtain all knowledge before moving forward. They think that it is a must to know all the innovative technologies which are in the mainstream.


Let’s pick up a programming language that you think your career will basically revolve around. That language itself is not very important but is calculated in the long run. I mean, do not try and learn an easy “programming language” when you start. Learning any languages, you will enable you to see your programming future in the next few years. You want to choose something that will bring lasting value.

Step 2: Building something small

Assume that now you have a basic understanding of a programming language. It is time to put that knowledge to work and figure out what you are missing out on. The best way to do is to try to build something.

Do not be too ambitious at the moment – but do not be too shy. Why don’t you look for the idea of ​​creating an application that is simple enough for you to accomplish it with some effort? However, it is not going to take you months to complete. Besides, I suggest you not to get started with somethings requiring a lot of different technologies. And you can focus on what you have learned instead.

You can also build a small web application, but try not to jump too deep into many complex web development technologies. Basically, I recommend starting with a mobile application, because web development is a bit more complicated for beginners. To develop a web application, you will need to know at least some knowledge of HTML, possibly some back-end frameworks and JavaScript.

Step 3: Researching a framework

In such step, you had better to turn to the framework. Now, you have mastered the knowledge of at least one programming language and have some working experience with the same framework for mobile applications or the web.

Choosing a framework to learn will allow you to work more effectively in some environments. The framework you pick will be based on the type of software developer you want to be in the future. For instance, if you want to be a web developer, getting knowledge about the web framework for whatever programming language plays a significant role. On the other hand, you want to become a mobile application developer, the next step for you is to jump into the mobile operating system and the framework that comes with it.

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