What do you actually know about Internet?

Along with the development of technology, Internet has become more and more popular. It plays an important role in every aspect of daily life, such as working, studying, art, traffic system and so on. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, life has changed a lot in the positive way.

What is the Internet?

Internet is known as the global system including many different interconnected computer networks. These computer networks use certain Internet protocol suite (also known as TCP/IP) which provide the function of linking the seperate devices. The device linking can be broadened to the worldwide, so people all over the world have a chance to take full advantage of no matter where they are.

Basically speaking, Internet is a network of networks which comprises a variety of linking form,  such as private, public, academic, business or even government networks.

Beside the wide connection range, Internet carries an ernomous amount of information. The users are likely to come across diversified kind of information on the Internet, which is absolutely both positive and negative. For example, the resources of technology, biology, math, psychology, sociology, demography,… and services involving in education, beauty caring, entertaining,… are the kind of information that you can find on the Internet.

The typical service of the Internet

Internet brings benifit to the users through the form of inter-linked hypertext documents, applications, the world wide web (also known as website), electronic mail, telephony, file sharing and so on.

Depending on the purpose of using, each person tend to choose the most suitable service or all services. For instance, if the users have demand on bussiness or product sales, they can create the website serving for this purpose. The information uploaded on the website will be shared and get access to the customers all over the world.

The function of the Internet

Firstly, Internet creates the network which allows users to share the resources, services, information and so on. In the past, we might waste much time on transfering important documents or texts. However, this problem has been solve thanks to the invention of Internet. We can share the information in different manner at different location.

Secondly, the Internet brings people closer. We can easily communicate with people in another city, country through the applications, services and so on.

Thirdly, many users find the transactions through Internet are more efficient and time-saving. The manager and staff are able to work in the same system which is easier fo management.

It is clear that Internet has brought a plenty of benifits to human life. It increases the capability of communicating, entertaining, working,  studying and so on. On the other hand, people might find some negative problems with Internet, which causes trouble and challenges to the users sometimes. To sum up, Internet has both side: positive side and negative side. It is user who decide to take full advantage of the pros or cons.

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