8 disadvantages of the iPhone X that Apple did not disclose at the launch

The iPhone X is considered a new high-end product which Apple introduces to the public on the occasion of celebrating the 10th anniversary. Such even marks the launch of the first iPhone. However, many Apple enthusiasts find in the latest version some flaws.

On the stage of the launch event, Apple did not mention the following defects of the iPhone X.


The 256GB version with the cost of $ 1,149

iPhone X sells at a premium of $999 for a 64GB version and $1,149 for a 256GB one (an extra fee of $199USD will be included in case of the AppleCare service).

Fast battery charging support

Even though the iPhone X has a fast charging function like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but nothing is new. In general, the middle-class Android rivals have applied such tech for a long time.

Galileo satellite

The iPhone is integrated with the US military’s GPS network. Besides, it also supports Glonass which is the Russian satellite positioning system in 2011. The X version of iPhone, along with the 8 and 8 Plus, are the first phones to set up with the Galileo – the new European satellite system launched in late 2016. Moreover, Apple shows the support for the QZSS in the Asia Pacific region where it seems to be more difficult to position the lost iPhone.

Screen is not bright with Galaxy Note 8

The iPhone X has a maximum brightness of 625 nits, while the Galaxy Note 8’s is 1,240 nit. Hence, the iPhone X screen is not bright as its rival. The screen brightness of most smartphones is 300 nit. So far, the Galaxy Note 8 is still the brightest smartphone.

Under-improved selfie camera

Apple has referred to the TrueDepth function in the iPhone’s selfie camera for the facial recognition for the phone unlocking and the face-to-face emoticons. But the camera is not different from the previous version.

HEIF and HEIF formatting support

Not surprisingly, Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that new iPhones include the HEIF format (high-efficiency image format) and the HEVC (high-efficiency video compression).

New ways of storing images and videos use better compression so you can store more in the memory. With the new format, hopefully, the iPhone X 64 GB memory will be full quickly.

No Home button

iPhone has no Back button. And now no Home button is unavailable as well. This change makes the usage different.

The performance of the iPhone X does not increase

Apple is producing the iPhone X with two different modems (two different SKUs). Different countries use different bands for wireless connections, and it is difficult to be compatible with all. Consequently, two iPhones for different areas are not compatible with each other.

Apple is currently trying to diversify the use of Qualcomm modems for some iPhone 7 and other Intel modems for the iPhone elsewhere. In speculation, perhaps the iPhone X uses the modern Qualcomm.

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