5 reasons to switch from VPS to the cloud archive

There are a lot of articles bearing the comparison between VPS and the cloud archive to decide which solutions to optimize the results. Not many of us, despite using the VPS, had intended to move from the VPS to the cloud service. And followings are some reasons for such intention.

Automatic redundancy

If you are the server manager, do you want it to work 24/7/365? Sure! Being 100% ready is what we all expect from a server. In case of using the VPS, it seems to be hard for such expectation to be real. In fact, the VPS depends entirely on the physical server. Hence, when the physical server crashes, your VPS will definitely stop working. For physical servers, there is a myriad of causes for it to stop working even when you have the best defense including power outages, hardware failures, and viruses.


On the other hand, if you are on the cloud, you will never have to worry about its availability. It is because that the nature of the cloud server does not base on a physical server. In case of failures, the redundancy allows other physical ones to automatically replace and make sure that the system is always available.

The benefits of flexibility

For years, the market, policies, technologies are things which will have impacts on your business. Surely, it is impossible for you to know exactly in the future how large your scale will expand.

For the VPS, the resources of a physical server are shared by different customers. If you want more, you have to move to a different physical server, which will take a lot of time. Then your service will be interrupted.

With the cloud server, the expansion or shrinking of resources is unlimited and done almost immediately. So, it does not matter what your plans and development strategies are; the cloud server will still run.

Real resources

There is no doubt that the amount of resources you have paid to use in the VPS is not guaranteed. Many VPSs are placed on the same physical server. So, the more needs a customer have, the riskier of being encroached to your VPS will get.

With Cloud Server, you do not have to worry about that because your resources are not shared with anyone, and the operation of other servers will not affect your cloud server at all.


Admittedly, it is not that the cloud presents for no reason. And it has become a trend which people keep applying to many aspects instead. The cloud computing technology is based on the architecture of distributing to take advantage of the resources. Therefore, it can solve a lot of problems in many various places.  Moreover, an amazing computational speed is the thing which is unavailable in the VPS.

Data security

Despite being well protected, risks of losing data are still unavoidable for any physical server. On the other hand, if the virus attacks the client’s VPS on the same node as yours, then surely your VPS will also be affected. But once you have used the real cloud archive technology of prestigious providers, they can ensure the safety of you data during the time of using.

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